Our School

One has to come to Cupang Elementary to really appreciate its totality, to experience its pleasant uniqueness and to fall in love with. The beauty of the school and the outstanding performance of pupils are the product of year’s painstaking work by thousands of citizens who gave their time and their labors to create something of beauty. Its continued success lies solely on the cooperation of the school parents and community as well.

A. School Profile

Cupang Elementary School, headed by a Principal III in the person of Dr. Bernadette G. Paraiso, is situated in Cupang Proper, Division of City of Balanga. It is composed of 42 classes with forty-two (40) elementary regular permanent teachers, two (2) kindergarten regular permanent teachers nationally funded, four (4) funded by Local School Board and nine (9) Pre-Elem classes with three (3) volunteer teachers funded by DepEd, one (1) nationally funded utility worker and six (6) administrative aide job order. 

The total enrollment in elementary as of SY 2013-2014 is one thousand seven hundred twenty-one (1,721) where seven hundred seventy-seven(777) are male and seven hundred thirty-seven (737) are female total of one thousand five hundred thirteen.

Whereas the pre-elem totaled to be two hundred seventeen (217) where one hundred seven (107) are male and one hundred ten (110) are female.

Among these 42 teachers, thirty-three (33) are Teacher I, four (4) are Teacher II, six (6) are Teacher III, one (1) Master Teacher I, and three (3) Master Teacher II.

           Cupang Elementary School has special features regarding the provision for Pre-Elementary education, composes of six (6) classes.

             Other special features are Special Science Elementary School (SSES) from Grades I to Grade IV, the Orchidarium, Hardin ng mga Bayani, Lagoon and Fish Pond. This school’s Math Park and Science Park were declared regional champion and were given sustainability award in the Project ESEM and projects ISIP respectively.



B. Community Profile


    It is in Cupang Proper where Cupang Elementary School is located, one of the biggest barangays in the southern part of Balanga. It is the lone barangay in Balanga having the biggest public market. Most of the residents’ primary source of livelihood is agriculture. But still, many are engaged in white-collar jobs. The barangay has its own Medical and Dental Clinic, Police Station, Day Care Center and Church, the Sto. Cristo Parish. 

    Another prominent establishment here is the Bataan Maritime Institute. 


Serving the barangay Cupang Proper are elective and appointive officials in rank and file employees distributed among its department. In performing designated duties / tasks, the staffing pattern and administration were subjected to the minimum standard set by the Civil Service Commission in consistence with the provisions of the Local Government Code. 
    Brgy. Chairman Norman M. Guila headed the Sangguniang Barangay together with his councilmen.  


Barangay Cupang Proper has a land area of 10,757,556.70 square meters. It is bounded by Talisay River in the East, Cataning in the West, Barangay Poblacion in the North and Cabog-Cabog in the South. 
    It is composed of 17 sitios namely: Naval, Naval Wakas, Jaena, Jaena Wakas, Kapihan, San Vicente, Sitio Toto, Maria Lourdes, Saint Anne, Barcarse, Manalaotao, Del Pilar, Pio del Mar, Manang Subdivision, St. Francis, Sitio Dapdap and Santo Niño.  


      The 2000 Census shows that the Cupang Proper has a total population of 7,566. The female population is slightly bigger than the male population. There are 3,988 females and 3,578 males. There are 2,312 household in this barangay and this number is increasing due to its growing population.